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Could Essential Oils Really Help My Hair Grow Thicker?

Posted by Ronnie Talent on

Could Essential Oils Really Help My Hair Grow Thicker?

Tired of Weaves, Extensions, Wigs and Sew-In’s?

When men and women start losing their hair, they are faced with some expensive choices if they are serious about addressing their situation. The cost of a hair transplant could range from $5000-$12,000, or they could spend thousands of dollars a year on non-surgical hair replacement.

If you are losing your hair, and are in the early stages of hair loss- (most of your hair loss in the past 3-7 years)- you might want to take a serious look at essential oil therapy.

Essential Oil Hair Formulations are becoming more and more popular. They’re very inexpensive (Usually under $25) and they could make your hair thicker and thicker each week.

Which oils?

Rosemary oil promotes hair growth because it increases circulation to the scalp while stimulating cellular metabolism. This increased circulation improves blood and nutrient flow to hair follicles and boosts growth significantly.

Cedarwood oil, used for treating dandruff, is also a great tonic oil for overall health of your hair. It has been shown to prevent hair loss and promotes the growth of new hair. It is one of the first oils recommended for a person with hair loss. Just a drop on a bald spot could promote new growth.

Ylang ylang has been used to increase the thickness of the hair shaft and to grow thicker hair. Ylang ylang can have a balancing effect on scalp oil production, and may help with split ends.

Cypress is included in many hair formulas for increased circulation and capillary strength. It is important to have good blood circulation to the follicles for optimal hair growth. Many regimens for treating hair loss include Ginko and other herbs specifically for increasing circulation in the scalp.

Helichrysum is regenerative to all tissues of the body. It’s regenerative qualities support scalp tissue as well as improving circulation to the scalp. This circulation promotes nutrient and blood flow to the hair follicles, improving their growth rate.

Clary Sage is beneficial for promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, preventing dandruff and limiting oil buildup in hair by reducing sebum production.. It is an especially good oil for woman’s health – especially when it comes to reproductive health. It is regenerative to cells, hair and skin.

Essential oils are available in ready to-use formulations, and are simply added to your shampoo. Studies have shown that they have helped several forms of Alopecia as well as male and female pattern loss.

They're available at most health food stores, as well as online stores like Hairline Express.

You won't see the difference the next day, but if your hair loss is in the early stages-you could see a difference in a matter of weeks.


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